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“Your nurse, Melissa, was an amazing help in teaching me how to care for my mom! Pill-time used to be the dreaded hour in our house… now I know just what to say and do to make it go smoothly. That alone is so valuable, but Melissa provided us with so much more! Every time I hear of someone going through what I used to with mom, I recommend Pinnacle and will continue to do so!”

– Monica R.

“I can’t say enough about what your company was able to provide our family after my dad’s fall. Definitely recommend.”

– Rick B.



“Thank you for the care that you provided my mother after her fall. She was so badly bruised that we were scared to leave her alone in her home again. I’m happy to say that the tips Michelle was able to give us really helped make it easier for her to get around. We followed through with all of the recommendations and feel confident that my mom is safer because of them. I’m also happy to say that after completing her physical therapy, she seems steadier and more confident. We can breathe again! Thank you Pinnacle.”

– Sharon P.

“Teresa, an RN out of the Lansing office, has a patient who lives in a house that has no shade. When Teresa saw her today at 8:30 am she said the house was very hot inside. Teresa  talked to her about ways to stay cool in this heat. This afternoon, she and my physical therapist  are going over to the patient’s  house and putting in an air conditioner! Teresa had an air conditioner that she was not using and donated it to this patient. I just love my staff!”

– Administrator, PSC Lansing

“Caring for my father as he fights Alzheimer’s is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. Thank you for helping me understand what he’s going through.”

– James R.

“My dear, sweet father, age 98, was blessed by wonderful professionals our lord used as his instruments of healing and comfort as his health declined from the end of November, last year, until his passing on 5 May of this year. I have no way of comparing the kind and compassionate care these wonderful people showered upon my dad, his caregiver and family couldn’t have been better. I can’t praise them enough for their empathy, meticulous attention, and gentle respect, which guided their every word and deed, through the gifts that they have been blessed with to heal what could be healed and give comfort when it was needed most. Each and every one was an answer to a prayer; not only for my dad, but for me as his proud son and caregiver and our family.”

– Donald C.



“My aunt became a Pinnacle patient after her doctor diagnosed her with COPD. I thought the nurse was just coming to monitor her progress, but she gave us so much more than that. Kelly spoke to my aunt kindly, without judgment, and listened to her with a patient ear. I know my aunt felt ashamed for having smoked for so many years, but Kelly looked beyond that and soothed the guilt she felt in her heart.”

– Joann K.



“For the past three years, we have been using Pinnacle Senior Care for nursing care for my mother. When we started with Pinnacle, Jennifer was our first nurse to visit mom. She was very informative and was able to assist our family with the transition from nursing home to in-home care. Jennifer was very kind and knowledgeable of the care my mother needed.

Rita became mother’s nurse after Jennifer. Jennifer is always just a phone call away. We know that we can depend on her. She is a kind and caring person and always knows how to put my parent’s minds at ease during difficult health situations. She works closely with my mother’s multiple doctors to ensure all my mother’s medical needs are met. Rita has taught my father and myself the best and proper ways to take care of my mother.

During a short period of time when Rita was out ill, we contacted Pinnacles’ office for assistance with my mother’s medical needs. The office staff was very helpful and professional. They were able to resolve our concerns quickly for us.

Pinnacle Senior Care has changed our lives because they have made it possible for my mother to be able to be at home versus a nursing home. We would like to thank everyone at Pinnacle for making this possible for our family and everything they have done.”

– Laurie S.

“Janice from your Columbus office is a godsend! My mother has suffered from diabetes for most of her adult life and in the past year it has become very difficult to control. As I watched her decline I felt hopeless, wondering if this was just something we would have to accept as she ages. Janice has not only changed the way that we manage my mom’s condition, but she’s changed the way that we look at it too. I look forward to seeing her every week. Not only for the excellent care she provides mom, but for her friendly disposition and the compassion she brings into our home.”

– Carol J.



“My father was not a people person. It took a lot for him to even agree to having a nurse come into his house. By the end of her visits, my father was referring to Rachel as his “adopted daughter”. She was always friendly, but tough with my dad when he needed it. I believe that her visits prolonged his life and for that I cannot thank you enough.”

– John K.

“Pinnacle Senior Care took care of my mother’s wound after her hernia surgery. The nurse, Sean, was always respectful and helped my mother recover quickly. I would recommend this agency to others needing similar care.”

– William C.

“Thank you for making the transition into hospice care easier for all of us to bear. We could not have done it without nurse Julie’s gentle touch.”

– Terri R.



“How can words express what your company is able to provide? Knowing that my father is safer in his home and that a nurse is only a phone call away is priceless!”

– Shannon P.

“My father was on services from April of 2013 through September of 2013. During that time, he was treated with not only the best medical care, but a kindness that is all too rare toward the elderly these days. Seeing your physical therapist work with my dad to get him moving, praising his efforts and really listening to him when he expressed fear or complaints was enough to bring me to tears. Knowing that during his final days he had someone in his corner telling him that he could do it is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

– Anonymous

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“Thank you for making the transition into hospice care easier for all of us to bear. We could not have done it without nurse Julie’s gentle touch.”

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